Mind Grind

by Mindgrind

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Our first EP.


released June 21, 2013

Joey Cannata-Vox/Noise
James Herrholz-Guitar/Vox
Randy Gallagher-Drums
Bass performed by James Herrholz

Recorded by Cameron Robert Harrison

All songs written by Mindgrind Copyright 2013



all rights reserved


Mindgrind Bradenton, Florida

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Track Name: Intro
The way your anaconda limbs slithered their way around my neck I almost welcomed death as one would an orgasm, willing to succumb to the pain the way one would succumb to the pleasures of love. Your sharp and crooked teeth exposed by lips curled back in a menacing smile, you in your blood splattered white nightgown, wrapped around you like a death shroud, eyes black as the void. The venom dripped from your hungry jaws and melted holes in the floorboards as your loving serpents gripped me ever tighter. I craved the death you would give to me, I longed for the sweet paralysis of your venom in my bloodstream. I yearned to be chewed up and completely ingested by your love.
Track Name: Complacency Fetish
Your ass-backwards ideology is sickening at best the way you walk about drooling other peoples opinions onto the front of your shirt is enough to make me wish that someone would sew your mouth shut when your closest-held beliefs come from your Tumblr dashboard you are one step closer to becoming a comatose stroke victim.
Track Name: Der Gier
She was once so flawless, but now her flesh has begun to rot away; she lives on spires of rotting vultures, derelict, she speaks a self invented language barrier atomizer with her eyes , a cold a piercing bloodshot red, yes sir, she lives there, sir on those compost heaps of the scavengers she feasts upon, like the face of Brahma himself, like Zeus before Semele, she burns all within her gaze, incinerated, sir is what the vagrant said to me, but I replied, my voice as dark as vital fluid wine, if she is Semele, then I am Dionysus, for she is my mother and I will rise from her ashes.
Track Name: Today I Thought of What I'd Do If I Saw You. I'd Set the Area Around You on Fire and Walk Away, Lighting up a Smoke and Staring Back at You. Yeah, If I Saw You I'd Set You on Fire. You Should Probably Know That I Feel This Way. It Seems Relevant.
In the darkest corners of my mind I am at peace.
Track Name: Sociopath
We all know that you hate yourself its obvious, we all can tell. infringing on the sanity of those who see behind your thinly veiled outward perception of yourself. Rip your fucking head off, stop fucking talking it only makes things worse. Rip your fucking eyes out, stop fucking staring it only makes things worse. You hide behind your cold stone walls and refuse to let anyone in, you use once and destroy to perpetrate your selfishness, you smile and laugh as the knife goes in, to the music of your pity party slit wrist. Rip your fucking head off, stop fucking talking it only makes things worse. Rip your fucking eyes out, stop fucking staring it only makes things worse.
Track Name: Spineless
From high upon your self constructed throne of bigotry you spit your barbed words of degradation, like a spineless worm envious of vertebrates, you fear what you cannot comprehend. Your macho fucking bullshit will come to an end and your throne will crumble under your own weight when the hands of those whom you belittle begin to tear your flesh to shreds.